Roto Crawler


This is the family unit for use on pipelines down to 150 meters water depth.

The Roto Crawler, like the Roto Climber, is a modular system. It consists of a traction module connected to other modules such as:

  • Inspection module for UT/PAUT/TOFD ultrasonic inspection of the pipe line to show cracks, weld defects and corrosion be it “Top of Line”, “Bottom of Line” or in other locations.
  • Cleaning and coating removal Module.
  • Pipe wrapping Module
  • A Weight coat removal Module can also be offered.

The Roto Crawler, will use very similar Modules to the Roto Climber but with the addition of extra wheels, to support the modules in the horizontal plane.

Current sizes available: 8”-22” and 22”-36”