Roto Climber : Specifications

Roto Climber Specifications

  • The Roto Climber (in the configuration that will be brought to Thailand) will be able to operate on pipes with a diameter from 9 5/8” to 22” with No modifications, and from 22” up to 36” with a Minor modification.
  • The Roto Climber is supplied in a 10ft standard type shipping container. This contains the Roto Climber, the Power Pack for the Roto Climber, the Umbilical and all the parts needed to perform on pipes from 9 5/8” TO 36” diameter.
  • The Water Pumps would be supplied separately.
  • The Wrapping Package has not been finalised and would be supplied separately.
  • The Cutting Package is supplied separately.
  • The Roto Climber uses a camera system to verify cleaning and to position the UT probe wall thickness readings.