This model was built specifically for cleaning, visual inspection and wall thickness measurements on conductors, piles, risers and Caissons.

Roto Climber Mk 1 Roto Climber Mk 1

It is light weight and easily assembled. It can be launched manually, by rope access personnel, via hand winches, small boat or crane. The complete unit can be shipped in a 10ft shipping container. This gives it a small foot print in the location where it will be utilised.

The Mk 1 is equipped with a single Stoneage Barracuda nozzle (Model BC-H9-C) that delivers seawater up to a pressure of 3,000 Bars and a flow of up to 28 Litres per minute. Both parameters are adjustable.

The Mk 1 is also equipped with a UVS 100RL made by Subsea Tech with an ultra-compact high resolution colour camera that can work off battery power or mains power.

The Mk 1 is also equipped with a Cygnus Dive Mk 2 Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge that can measure wall thickness loss without removing coatings.

The Mk1 is Middle East and Asian Zone 2 compliant.