design premise


The Roto Climber was designed as a tool for tomorrows world. A world where fossil fuels still have a place, and will do for some years to come. However renewable energy, such as wind farms, are ever more becoming the power of the future. Technology is needed with a vision of the requirements and demands that placing these structures in the most hazardous locations, will require. The ability to inspect, repair, recoat, and certify will become evermore needed in the future.

The Offshore Oil and Gas existing and now aging fields require evermore care and attention to ensure that oil spills and accidents do not occur. With the price of oil now low, Offshore asset owners, although denying it, do not spend the money on maintenance and inspection that the old assets require.

Therefore a cheaper safer and better system is required for the fossil fuel industry.

For the Renewable Energy sector the new Offshore wind farms are coming to the end of their warranty periods and the asset owners are being asked to take over these assets without any real idea of their structural integrity. The Roto Climber was therefore envisaged as a tool that could be of use to the owners, so that they could verify the asset they were taking over, as a tool for insurance companies to be sure that their insurance premium met the risks and as a verification for the certification authorities that the structures were built to the standards that they required.

To this end the Roto Climber models have been Patented for both the Offshore oil and gas market and the Renewable Sector Wind Market.